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Final Cycle – Day 29

Final Cycle – Day 29

11dp5dt or 16dpo

Today is the day i wanted to test originally so at 6.30am i once again pee’d on a stick

Definitley pregnant!!! 

This is the comparison photo from Saturday night to this morning

Tomorrow is actually Official Test Day where i will have bloods done and get a figure for the amount of Hcg in my system (thats the pregnancy hormone) . Not that the number will tell us anything other than im pregnant.

With Millie my hcg was 814, a friend of mine had her result come in at 130 something and she’s having twins, so numbers mean nothing. Itll be fun to compare and speculate however.

My early scan is booked for when i am 6 weeks and 4 days, today i am 4 weeks and 2 days.

I will be honest, as always, if more than 2 embryos have implanted, i will be opting for foetal reduction. Ill cross that bridge if we come to it and discuss my reasoning for this at that time.

Its really not like me to test early but over the course of Saturday, i was tying myself up in knots, going round and round in my head thinking it had and hadnt worked. Trying to deal with emotions i had no idea if i needed to deal with. In short it was tearing me apart and Mr Me couldnt bear to see me like that so eventually told me to do it so we knew what we were dealing with.

The 2 week wait is always tough but it REALLY got to me this time round. Possibly because i knew it was my last chance or just because 6 previous 2 week waits really dont prepare you for another. Who knows? It all worked out in the end.

Im still finding it a bit surreal, its not sunk in yet still. Im calm and positive though. The ‘fear’ hasnt hit me i.e. will we make it to term, will i have to terminate again, am i going to lose this pregnancy? 

Im just soooooo pleased that cycle 9 worked. Im so happy i am ABLE to get pregnant again as i was doubting it. Im excited for my bump, to wear maternity clothes, to feel wonderfully well and like im special and part of a secret club.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Final Cycle – Day 22

Final Cycle – Day 22

4dp5dt (4 days past a 5day transfer) 

Today, i went back to work. I love my job and the people i work with so i was really looking forward to it.

Even the commute was ok today, hurray! 

Symptoms wise, more of the same as yesterday really, though the cramping has been slightly more intense and ive been quite thirsty today. I also get really warm for no good reason throughout the day.

Mostly im noticing how serene and happy im feeling. Nothing seems to be getting to me really, im just protected by my PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) bubble i think. Its lovely.

I know im meant to be staying grounded but i cant help but feel super positive right now. To put a figure on it, im 80% sure we are heading for a positive test!!! As M reminded me, its OK to be excited, i do love being pregnant and i do want to enjoy it if i can.

Another friend yesterday was talking about ‘having a feeling’ when you get pregnant. I know exactly what she means, i just ‘knew’ with Millie (my 2nd pregnancy) and if im honest, im getting that feeling now.

Im trying to take it day by day but i’ve got a really good feeling. Its a lovely feeling. 

So instead of day by day, im thinking step by step.

1st step – seeing 2 lines on a pregnancy test next week.

Im not really thinking further than that right now, well im thinking about the Hcg test, but thats only 1 day further than the pregnancy test so hardly counts. 

Im fully expecting to have a wobble between now and Tuesday though.

My blood test is on the 21st but im going to pee on a stick (POAS) on the 20th 

On to tomorrow then…

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Embryoscope DVD

Embryoscope DVD

The other awesome thing about embryoscope is that you get a time lapse DVD of your embryos developing. Its stunning

These are the 6 that were healthy. 1, 6, 11 and 12 are currently in my uterus and 5 and 10 were frozen.

Remember, the original number 1 didnt fertilise so was replaced with ‘table top’ on day 3.

Simply spectacular.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Final Cycle – Day 20

Final Cycle – Day 20

Today i am 2 days past a 5 day transfer (2dp5dt) or 7 days post ovulation in a tradtional cycle.

Ive been very lazy as per clinic instructions. Had a very nice roast chicken dinner and a lovely nap just now.

Had another dizzy spell and more cramping which im taking as a good sign seeing as i felt nothing in June! 

One of my fur babies needs a trip to the vets but as he is heavy, Mr Me is going to take him tomorrow so i dont have to lift him! 

Above is an animation of all my embryoscope pictures. Its a bit fast but pretty awesome. Ill also post a copy of my DVD once ive watched it. But im just about to watch Captain America: Civil War instead so itll be tomorrow now! 😂

I have a positive feeling about this cycle so far although im struggling between thinking it might just actually work and being afraid to get my hopes up. 

Hopefully over the coming days ill become braver and even more positive.

As hot as Cyprus was, the UK seems freezing, got my big fluffy dressing gown on already! 

I mentioned Mr Me’s blue hair in my last post…

Truly awesome in my humble opinion.

Have a good evening folks

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Final Cycle – Day 18

Final Cycle – Day 18

Embryo Transfer!!! 

Id been asked to come to clinic for 10.30am so we were up early and started the water-thon to fill my bladder. We arrived a little early so i could keep drinking, Mum doesnt drive so the half an hour journey was liquidless and i wanted to be sure i had a full bladder as in a previous transfer it wasnt full enough.

I needn’t have worried, in the end i went a bit mad and totally overfilled my bladder. 2.5ltrs is FAR too much and VERY uncomfortable.

Anyway, upon arrival i was shown to my room (i was still drinking at this point) and Umit explained that we had 6 not 7 healthy embies (just whatsapped me the wrong number is all) but as im not after 6 babies, its allllll good.

The scientist in me wanted to know which embies were unhealthy and what they had.

Number 4 in the embryoscope had trisomys 13 & 18 (Patau & Edwards Syndromes)

Number 7 in embryoscope had Turners Syndrome. 

Im really very pleased we had PGD as without it, those 2 embies could well have been transferred.

Umit also told me that number 1 (originally in table top incubator and now known as ‘table top’) was beginning to hatch!!!! We have never ever had a hatching blastocyst before. It made me begin to believe this could work.

Dr F had a couple of collections to do and a scan appointment so i was left to my own devices for a bit. At this point i knew i had drank far too much! 

I did one ‘little wee’ to help with the pressure, but by the time i was collected for ET (embryo transfer) i’d had to do another. Its very hard not to fully pee when you are THAT full let me tell you! 

So im wheeled to theatre, given my hair net and get myself on the table. The nurse does an ultrasound and after a few minutes declares im too full and need to wee a bit more. Cue me waddaling around in an open backed theatre gown, hilarious.

Anyway, after my 3rd ‘mini wee’ im back on the table and the image is clear.

Lovely Dr F comes in and starts to prep me and tells me ‘i want you pregnant this time Toni’. You and me both lovely! 

The image was so good that i saw the cathether enter my uterus and i kept my eye on it. After the lights are dimmed, Mr Embryologist brings in my 4 (2 hatching, 2 blastocysts) babies and Dr F pushes them through. And there on the screen, a white flash as they entered my uterus!!! Eeeep!!! 

Once again Dr F tried to give me a catheter to relieve my VERY full bladder but alas it was too big, again. Instead she gave me a lovely pep talk about my chances, i thought i might pee on her! 

So ET was at 12.20pm, wheeled back to my room and told i had to wait 30 mins before i could have a bed pan. Longest. 30. Minutes. Of. My. Life!!!! 

I lasted 25…..ohhhhh the relief. No embarrassment this time re the bedpan, just pure joy!!! 

After my lengthy pee, the nurse did my clexane and proluton depot and i was left to my 2hr lie down and a meal.

Halfway through my meal i had to pee again. Cue poor Mum getting the bed pan out for me again!!!! 

I felt some light cramping whilst lying down….possibly because, number 12 was also hatching by the time it went back.

These are the final embryoscope images…

The colour coding shows what was good for transfer and what needed disregarding. Embryoscope is the bomb.

Close ups of the transferred blastocysts below

‘Table Top’ almost fully hatched blasto
Number 6 -Blastocyst
Number 11 – Blastocyst
Number 12 – partially hatched Blastocyst

Ive spent hours looking at these pictures. Ive never had 1, let alone 2, hatching blasts its just incredible.

After clinic, we had cake, Umit put it into our heads. We got home about 4, put a wash on and promptly fell asleep! 

Its been an emosh day! I couldnt be happier. If this doesnt work, it never will.

Let the 2 week wait begin. Crumbs.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Final Cycle – Day 16

Final Cycle – Day 16

Biopsy day! 

8 were good enough to be biopsied this morning. The head of lab has kindly moved the one that fertilised and was in the table top incubator to space number 1 in the embryo scope so now they are all together.

So i was right yesterday, number 1 had given up the ghost…it hadnt even fertilised 😂😂

But now my developing babies are all together. Clinic have said they are looking good and fingers crossed after the PGD results come back we will have some great ones for transfer! 

Im still just taking one day at a time however.

Had a terribly lazy day today, both Mum and I have snoozed all day but the sight of my embryos has woken me right up! 

I cannot tell you how grateful i am to the team over here, always on hand to guide and reassure. Happy to explain everything and anything as and when i need it. They make me feel like family. So a massive thank you Team Miracle, you really are all wonderful

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

PS this is my view 😍😍

Final Cycle – Day 15

Final Cycle – Day 15

Embryoscope update

We have division!!!! Well not all of them, 1, 2 and 3 seem to have given up the ghost but number 6 is a beaut!!! 

This technology still amazes me! My potential babies are right there, dividing away.

Its an amazing world we live in

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Final Cycle – Day 14

Final Cycle – Day 14

Fertilisation report! 

Of the 14 injected (one of the immature eggs matured in the maturation bath), 9 have fertilised!! Ive been sent my embryoscope pictures…

Ill be honest, this early on i havent a freaking clue what im looking at. I asked Umit and the ones that look like this have fertilised….

I counted 6 on my own so ive missed 3. Im much better once they start to divide but i have to say i really love this piece of technology. Right there 👆👆 is the start of life, i mean, WOW!! 

Ill get daily updates now and hopefully tomorrow ill understand more of what im looking at, until then….divide my prettys, divide!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Day 5 update and a little surprise!!!

Ok so we’ve got to day 5! Woop! All 11 still going….WOW!!!


Number 10 is a perfect blastocyst!! The others are doing well and over the course of the day we should get a few more reach blasto. Ill get an update later on how many we will freeze!

But…oh.my.god!!!! This is AMAZING!!!! My best ever cycle!!!

The embryo development has been superb!

And the surprise? AF (period) arrived today….11 days early but it should mean i can start prepping for the frozen transfer TOMORROW!!!!!

Ive got butterflies!!!

Ahhhhhhh so exciting. Massive thanks to Team Miracle!!!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx