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Little T is developing so quickly at the moment. He’s now starting to hold the furniture and cruise about. He doesnt stand independently yet but we are not far off.

He also said his first word ‘Cat’. Every time he sees one, regardless of whether its ours, someone else’s or a picture, he says it.

He can also say ‘Daddy’ now too, although he says ‘Cat’ more. He says it all dam day to be honest. He shouted it so much at lunch time the other day, the cat actually came downstairs!!!

He is teething too, molars apparently, and its hard work. He isn’t sleeping before 10pm, and for 2 nights we’ve had to drive to get him down. I was out til 1.30am one night.

That has coincided with me suffering major fatigue. I wake up exhausted and am exhausted all day. Its an MS symptom so hopefully it won’t last, in fact i have felt better today, but during the spell, my patience wore thin and i found Little T’s whining very hard to cope with. Pretty sure i said ‘f**k me, what now’ under my breath about a hundred times over the last few days!

I felt like a terrible parent, ill be honest. I usually find him so easy to cope with, but i wasnt managing. The late nights and early starts and the fatigue, were just too much.

Im glad to say today was easier though.

Little T looking very tired!!!

Having said all that, I’m almost 100% certain i want another baby. Not now, but in a couple of years, I’m not sure its doable as I’ve no idea what the side effects of the MS drugs will be. I’m loathe to read up on it as, to be honest, i don’t wanna know. I’ll deal with it when it happens. At least i can tell my MS doctor in September that another baby is on the cards, unless the side effects make that impossible/unfair to another baby and Little T.

I had my repeat MRI, this time with dye, not so long ago. I had a strange experience during it. It felt like i was rocking back and forth, so much so, i had to check with the technician that i wasn’t, after the scan. My fingers also went numb/tingly, but that happens quite a lot at the moment, so I’m probably experiencing an episode. Pins and needles i can deal with, so long as i don’t start slurring again!

Ive a GP appointment next week as i need to take vitamin D to up my levels, so that’ll be 4 medications a month im taking. Thank you NHS for doing pre paid prescription certificates, they will save me a fortune!!

Im counting the weeks to our Cyprus holiday (8.5 weeks). Im so excited to show off Little T, I’ve had a romper made especially for the visit to our clinic…

Made by https://www.facebook.com/babsandmoo/

I’m looking forward to sun, relaxation (thanks to my Mum and brother coming) and walking around Kyrenia again. I love the place, and it’ll be nice to be able to enjoy the pool, and alcohol, for the entire holiday, as no IVF will be taking place!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Growing up so fast

Growing up so fast

Little T pulled up today!! Given he couldn’t weight bear last week, it was a bit of a shock. I’ve been putting him on his feet but he didn’t seem interested, until today when he casually crawled over to a soft play shape and did this…

Look at him grow….

Where’s my baby gone?

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Into the unknown!!!

Into the unknown!!!

22 weeks!! 22!! Ive never seen 22 weeks, ever!! 

Its a bit exciting. Cant get too excited but i do feel a sense of relief for getting past those milestones last week.

Here i am this morning…

A friend of mine said i look 40 weeks, hahaha!!! God help me when i am actually 40 weeks. I dont think ill be able to move!! 

So, ive entered the unknown. From here on in, ive no idea what to expect. Best start reading the weekly updates on baby’s development now!

Im still nervous when little man is quiet for a few hours, i get he needs to sleep but cant he do that when im asleep?? 

He was up and about at 4.30am however, wriggling about for a good 45mins so i couldnt sleep, lil monkey! 

The last week flew by, distraction really is key!! 

Next appointment is Tuesday for a fetal heart scan. Im not worried about this as his heart has been checked twice, and was fine and i hope it hasnt developed a defect since the anomaly scan at 19+4! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx



At this gestation in my 1st pregnancy, we said goodbye to Milo after a long labour.

Today was the last milestone before 24 weeks and as of this moment, im still pregnant!! 

Had a lovely visit from M and her little boy, she brought biscuits, i love her.  It was nice to have a quieter day as my hip is giving me jip again today.

The Little Dude has been very active today, i can even feel his kicks when im stood up now 😍😍 never had that before. 

Ive even got out my baby notepad today to see what we have already accumulated over the last 2 pregnancies. Its more than i remembered. I went ‘vest’ mad it appears too! Made me anxious to look at but not too much. #brave #amitoococky?

Tomorrow i have my whooping cough vaccination and a some other bits planned for THE MOST PREGNANT IVE EVER BEEN. 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

21+1 Massive Milestone

21+1 Massive Milestone

At 21 weeks and 1 day, i lost my last baby.

Im VERY PLEASED to announce that no such thing has happened this time around. 

Baby is happy as can be in my uterus with no signs of arriving early!!!! To my mind, this means im free of the infection that got to Millie, and thats a huge relief! 


I woke up early to the baby kicking away like mad, i had been dreaming about punching someone, which i think is because i was being punched!! 

Today i had 3 appointments at the hospital.

A check in with my midwife, a cervical scan and counselling.

Was lovely to see V and talk through my anxieties, we thought my blood pressure would be up, but its fine. Go me!

Cervical scan was good too. Last check was 3.8cm and today it was 3.2cm.

Now a 6mm drop to me seems a bit drastic in 2 weeks, but im assured its totally normal. Seeing them again in a few weeks, not sure exactly when yet as itll depend on other appointments.

Counselling was great too, especially as i hadnt any for 4 weeks. We talked through what had been going on and how im feeling. 

My anxiety is around a 4 or 5, which isnt bad as my normal is a 3. 

Quietly im quite confident we might actually get through this week and dare i say pregnancy but im too afraid to ‘let go’ in case i jinx it.

I do think i will be able to enjoy this pregnancy once i pass my 24 week milestone, something i was worried about, but i do think ill be able to get excited.

So another day down and IM STILL PREGNANT!!!!! 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx