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You’re Welcome, Anytime

You’re Welcome, Anytime

We moved house!!!! It wasnt plain sailing, we completed late in the day due to my buyers money going missing when it was transferred to us. This caused a few hours delay which then upset the removal people and stressed out Mr Me. 

I on the otherhand, had a lovely time at my pedicure, buying paint and having lunch with my Mum.

Around 3.30pm we got the call to say all monies had transferred and we were able to collect keys. Cats were bundled into boxes and i took them, with Mum to get the keys then on to the new house. From then on it was plainer sailing thankfully.

Despite doing as little as possible, i was flat out exhausted for 2 days following the move. I ached all over, was exhausted but struggled to sleep. We missed dinner with our NCT friends as i just didnt have the energy.

Having said all that, it was TOTALLY worth it. I LOVE my new house, the area, everything. Im so so pleased we moved before baby arrived as despite only being here 5 days, 3 of the 4 rooms that need decorating are done and everything should be in place by next weekend before my induction.

This is largely thanks to M the decorator, J, my Mum and Bro and L, Mr Me’s Mum. Everyone has really pulled together to get things unpacked, boxes taken away to the tip and to make the house liveable. I couldnt be more grateful. I have found it quite frustrating that i cant help as much as id like to, but at 8 months gone, its difficult to sit up on my own, never mind unpack a box!!


Yesterday marked 37 weeks of pregnancy. I dont think i ever thought we would get to this point, but here i am sporting a rather large bump with a fully cooked baby inside. OMG

 As thrilled as i am, im also so done with being pregnant now. Hats off to ladies who make it to 40 weeks and beyond, i dont know how they do it. Im tired of needing help to sit up, to stand, of my feet being so swollen they dont in fit any shoes. Im tired of waddling, of peeing all the time, of aching after 5 minutes of activity. Im sick of worrying about whether he is moving enough, of not being able to bend my fingers without being in pain, of my clothes not fitting.

Im ready to meet him, to know hes safe, to be a Mummy. Ive 6 days to go until we start induction but i know those 6 days are going to be a lifetime. Dont get me wrong, im hugely grateful to have reached this point, i just want him here in my arms and my body back.

I felt the need to get organised yesterday as a distraction, so a few baby things were built

His Moses Basket and Stand. Coverlet for decoration only!!
His Swing Chair. Ive no idea how to put him in, thank god for instruction booklets!!
His Pram 😍 Please ignore the boxes, we need a bookcase!!

I do feel better having a few items assesmbled but conversely, worry im tempting fate. Even at this late stage i do see it as 6 days in which things can go wrong. Which is sad and another reason i want him here, in the world, where i can keep an eye on him

After a little practice with the pram, ive collapsed it and stored it, just in case, old wives tale, but its bad luck to have wheels in the house before baby arrives. 

The lounge however is looking very family like with moses basket and swing in situ. Mr Me and I were marvelling at how far we have come last night. Its been a LONG 8 years, but we’ve nearly made it.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Freak out

Freak out

Last weekend i had my 1st major melt down of the pregnancy. I was 34 weeks so think i did pretty well.

We had been to see the new, now vacant house, and my urge to nest kicked in. Sadly we still dont have a firm date although it could now be as early as Friday.

I got very anxious and Mr Me tried to reason with me. Reasoning with anxiety is like catching water in your hand, you cant really do it.

Instead of seeing his logic, i felt attacked and as though i was being unreasonable. Which i was. I wanted a date to work towards, which i cant have as nothing is certain yet. Anyway, it resulted in an argument between Mr Me and I. We rarely argue so its always weird when we properly fall out.

I felt so unorganised and had no idea what we had for baby etc. Being a control freak this didnt work well for me, so i demanded Mr Me get all the baby stuff out of storage so i could see what we had.

I instantly felt better, despite the fact i cannot build a nursery. I just needed to know we are prepared. Over the course of 3 pregnancies it turns out we are pretty damned prepared. Our current box room is now a mass of boxes and bags of baby things. There is a suitcase full of clothes and apart from a changing station we have everything we need…i think.

Since seeing everything and ordering the last few things (crib and mattress) i have felt a lot calmer and more zen about the whole moving process. Mr Me however has been getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of communication. Seems ive rubbed off on him. He’s been amazing though and called estate agents and solicitors almost daily and finally got told yesterday that our buyers solicitor is just waiting on the hard copy of the mortgage offer and then we are good to go. 

We hope to complete and exchange next friday but until i get firm dates im not booking anything or putting things in boxes!! 

We also had another growth scan this week. Baby is estimated to be 6lbs now!!! Thats a gain of nearly 2lbs in 3 weeks, little chubster!! Everything is measuring as it should, and finally saw evidence that he is indeed a boy!! We were told that after 35 weeks (today) if i were to go into labour they wouldnt stop it. This prompted a slight panic buying pj session and all 3 hospital bags being packed

My hospital bag but Mr Me and Baby are done too. Very real!!

Since starting our TTC journey 8 years ago, my Mum has always wanted to go and see The Jeremy Kyle Show whilst i was on maternity leave. Yesterday that finally became a reality….

We are massive fans of the show and are not afraid to say it. We had a wonderful time there despite a few hiccups (i forgot the tickets only remembering when we had parked up, so we had to go home again, it was a close call) 

It was amazing to finally tick off something on the pregnancy bucket list, something i wasnt sure we would ever get to do.

Over the course of the week, my maternity photographs have been appearing online on the photographers facebook page. So here they are….

I think the photographer has done an amazing job and i cant wait to get the prints back!!! 

3 weeks until planned induction…

Love Little Miss PMA xxx

Maternity Leave Madness

Maternity Leave Madness

Yesterday i finished work. It feels like ill be back in 2 weeks. It definitely does not feel like ill be off for up to a year and will soon have a tiny human to care for.

Even with the amazing gifts, for which im truly grateful, it still hasnt sunk in that in 29 days ill be going into hospital and the bump will become a baby, possibly within hours.

I wonder when itll actually sink in that i really am having a baby? 

We went away for the evening last night to celebrate my last day and our last getaway, just the 2 of us.

We had a delightful meal and good rest for the first time this week. Between NCT classes and viewing the maternity shoot pictures we havent had an evening to ourselves all week.

Im really pretty tired when i allow myself to actually stop so today will be spent in front of the TV, occassionally on my ball, but mostly on the sofa.

Im still not completely prepared for baby, i still need a crib and mattress and as it looks like the house move has slowed down again (after picking up last week) i think ill just take the plunge and purchase them ASAP, just in case.

The house move….ugh. New house is vacant and all minor issues resolved. We are ready to move BUT my buyer is having issues with what sounds like a fairly incompetent mortgage provider! (They have sent all his details to a solicitor hes not using!) Until he gets these issues resolved, we are at a standstill, again!

My nesting instinct doesnt like this. It wants to be moved, setttled and decorated before baby’s arrival. We may get to move before he comes but settled and decorated are looking doubtful at this point.

We are going to the newly vacated house tomorrow to get a real idea of what needs doing, what we need to buy and how much decorating there is to do. Ive had to cancel the booking with the decorater as we wont be in when i thought and finding a decorator short notice is going to be tough. Thankfully our bedroom, the dining room and conservatory SHOULD be fine, its just the other 3 bedrooms, lounge and kitchen that need work doing to them. The lounge and nursery will be my main focus when we eventually get in.

The house is still a key distraction for the upcoming birth. Labour/induction isnt worrying me too much. Caring for a newborn? Whole other kettle of fish!

Before the losses i was pretty confident about my parenting skills, i liked babies, they liked me and caring for them came naturally.

Since the losses, my confidence has dwindled and i find myself wondering if ill manage to keep my tiny human alive.

Im assured instinct will kick in very quickly and within hours/days ill know what im doing but i hate, that even now, baby loss is still impacting my life.

Its not something you expect, grief yes, fear of pregnancy, yes, but fear of caring for a baby? Nope, didnt see that one coming. 

Every task from winding to bathing to feeding seems so daunting at the moment. Im scared to confront it, in the form of parenting books, for example, in case im overwhelmed and feel worse not better.

Im hoping that being on leave will give me time to brave the books, especially as the antenatal classes finish next week too!!! 

Im also planning on swimming a fair bit in the next few weeks, im sick of feeling so heavy and it has the added benefit of being healthy and helping baby engage, which he doesnt seem to have done as yet! Lazy boy! 

4 weeks 1 day until induction….

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx