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Why is it, every month is the same? Every month i wonder if this will be the month i get pregnant naturally.

I don’t know why i do it. I know we have 0.1% chance of it happening, but every month i wonder. And then i come on, either early on bang on time, according to my app.

Its a monthly emotional rollercoaster, its exhausting.

Honestly, i think trying for a baby turns most women into a bag of emotions! From hope, to loss, to desperation, to despair to guilt to anger.

And it repeats, every single month.

That tiny glimmer of hope is actually awful, it’d be easier if it was 0% chance.

I was due on today. It hasn’t arrived as yet.

Tea tasted funny the other day, I’ve had lower back ache, and so i wonder.

But, I’m likely just having a longer cycle due to polycystic ovaries, or I’ve not ovulated again.

But i hope, and i wonder and i wish. Only to have it all taken away again.

Infertility is hard. Its cruel.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Well, that snuck up on me

Well, that snuck up on me

So. In two days i take my last contraceptive pill. Which means next Monday i start stims again. Ive no idea how thats happened, it seemed ages away and now its next week. And we fly 2 weeks tomorrow!!! 😱😱

Ive been telling people im quite scared about this cycle as its my last chance for a biological child. But im not. I feel like i should be. But im not. I discussed this at length with my counsellor yesterday. Im aware of the enormity of this last cycle but i also know we are doing all we can this round and if it doesnt work, it never will. 

Ive got the best team in the world working with me and all the latest technology and techniques thanks to MIL, so after this there is nothing more other than donor, and if we do that, we may as well adopt. And thats the plan.

Im very zen about this cycle. Not going through the motions, as i want it to work, i really do, but im not letting it be my only focus, im going in with ZERO expectations this time, so what will be will be. It feels good.

I view this as a Game of Thrones battle, Battle of the Ba****ds to be specific. PGD is the army that can save us, or we suffocate like Jon Snow nearly did. But we know we will have done all we could and if we lose, we lose with dignity. If youre not a GoT fan, apologies, but you really should be! 

Mr Me is feeling much more positive than i originally thought too. He wants to give it one last try too, with all the extras, so he knows we did all we could and we have no regrets in the future. Hes actually pretty positive itll work because im so zen about it too. Not sure i fully agree with that, yet, as im sticking with the no expectations tactic. He’s also feeling very positive about a potential pregnancy. He says itll be a nerve wracking 9 months, but we could get our rainbow at the end of it, and thatll make it worth it. Hes much more positive than i thought, he seems very balanced about the whole thing. Go Mr Me!!! 

My counsellor does think im protecting myself again, she says im getting good at it, but its no bad thing since ive been through so much, she says. Im always honest with her and throughout the session, she could see i wasnt hiding anything, and that im actually confused by my reaction too. But its working for me. So im going with it. 

Tick tock, not long now!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

The reality of the last cycle.

The reality of the last cycle.

The last couple of weeks have been a mad scramble to decide how much we want to throw at this cycle. We wanted to go all in, but financial constraints meant we couldnt (we’ve spent approx £15k so far) and it was bothering me as i knew id wonder ‘what if’.

So we asked my mother in law for help, and she has come through, like she always does, so we can now go all in.

We are doing another fresh cycle, whereby my eggs will be collected and fertilised with Mr Me’s sperm. We also have 3 frosties too but it remains to be seen if we will use these.

We have also swapped my stimulation meds from menopur to gonal-f (see previous post). 

So with my MIL’s help we can now do embryoscope (time lapse imaging and software to determine best embryos), blastgen (the culture the embryos are grown in) and PGD. 

PGD stands for pre genetic diagnosis and involves removing the nucleus of a cell on day 3 of embryo development and testing it for chromosomal abnormalities. This ensures only healthy embryos are transferred and that way ill know thats not the reason they fail (if they do) 

Its the only thing we havent tried yet and as its my last go, well it has to be done really so i know i tried everything.

Despite all of the above, im still not hopeful, i just dont think my body is capable of another pregnancy. Perhaps because the infection that killed Millie is still lingering? I have done everything in power to ensure this isnt the case, but given they couldnt culture or identify the infection, its quite hard to know if its still floating about in me. Only time will tell! 

Although im happy to move onto adoption if/when this cycle fails, it does mean coming to terms with NEVER having a biological child. Never seeing Mr Me in the face of a live baby, not having a mini us running round. And thats hard. Really hard. I thought i was just going through the motions with cycle 9 but it turns out, i really want OUR baby

This feeling is enhanced by our decision to adopt, obviously, but its more than that. I want to create life, i want that life to be half me and half Mr Me, i want to do what others do so easily, and quite frankly i feel like we deserve it. We’ve put in the time and effort, been through the loss, grieved and still come back fighting. So cant we just have a bit of good luck?

However, if we do get pregnant it throws up 40 weeks of terror, if we get that far. Mr Me has been honest and said he wont be able to relax or feel positive the whole way through it. And who can blame him? I cant say itll be all sunshine and rainbows for me either. But its me that needs to do this.

I still have bump envy, despite everything, i love being pregnant, i feel wonderfully well but i also feel special. I like that feeling. I know it wont be easy but oh god if it works itd just be amazing.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

An Open Letter….

An Open Letter….

Dear Take Home Baby Gods,

7 years ago, we decided to try for a baby.

6 years ago we were referred for fertility testing

5 years ago we found out we needed IVF

4.5 years ago i invented you.

i know you are not real, you are a figment of my imagination, but when im desperate, when i need someone to talk to/vent at/be cross with, there is no one in real life i can blame, so you came into existence.

I used to ask you to let the IVF work, all i wanted was a BFP. how naive i was eh? i thought a BFP meant a baby, but you proved me wrong.

My 4th IVF cycle saw me get pregnant for the first time, i was overjoyed, we had cracked it. Or so i thought. in a cruel twist of fate, at 20 weeks Milo was diagnosed with HLHS and we opted to end that pregnancy. it was the right thing to do.

My 6th IVF cycle saw my second BFP and despite a few hiccups, Millie was healthy. but 9 days after finding that out, you took her away. Why? was it punishment for Milo? is is punishment for a past life? is it a test? are you trying to tell me something?

If so, could you be a bit more clear about it please?

we had a year off, my head was battered, my heart broken, i was a shell of the woman i remember myself to be. it did me good, i got my strength back and i didnt think about you at all.

In May we got back on the train, yet again you are not happy with me, first throwing a freeze all in my way and then a BFN on the resulting FET. Now im planning cycle 9.

What do i need to do to please you? What do i need to do for a take home baby – ill do anything, i just need to know what.

Im so sick of being the strong one, the positive one, the patient one. its got to be my turn now? i try to get on with life, in between cycles, you know? but i know you are always watching me, deciding if ill ever get my take home baby. I can feel you there as all i think about is the upcoming cycle, and what to try this time.

if you let me get pregnant, i promise not to buy a thing until im near term – will that please you?

ill give more to charity, ill help more in the community, i WILL adopt as a thank you for letting me have my own biological child. i just wish you were real and i could offer you something so you look favourably on me. but of course, you are in my imagination. there isn’t anything or anyone that can assure me a healthy baby, or even a pregnancy at this stage. but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were real, and i and all the other infertile/bereaved parents, could know what you wanted to ensure the next pregnancy is a safe one.

So basically, Take Home Baby Gods, this is my prayer to you. im out of money, im out of holiday and im out of steam. ive got enough left for one more shot at this. no one will love a baby more than we will, no one will ever be as grateful as we are, no one baby will have as many aunties and uncles from around the world. Please, please please, just let it be us. please?

thinking of you

Little Miss PMA xxx

Bleurgh. And xmas is coming. Great! (In most sarcastic tone imaginable) 

Firstly, i want to say a huge thank you for those of you that reposted/reblogged or lit a candle on the 15th October for Babyloss Awareness. I was touched that so many of you got involved, even if you hadnt lost a child. I was so proud, i really felt like id achieved something within my little circle. So thank you, it meant so much to me.

I havent posted recently as not much is happening in all honesty. Hubby and i continue to keep busy, enjoying the year of Me and Mr Me.

Over the last few days, theres been a undercurrent. Im struggling to fake it to myself. The general public would have no idea as i can still put on this bright and breezy manner as and when required. When im alone however, im struggling to see the point in anything, getting up, breathing, putting one foot in front of another.

Sometimes my fake it til i make it attitude isnt always a good idea. Because i look OK, because i smile and say im fine, because i dont weep and wail all the time, people FORGET. They forget that im suffering with depression, they forget im trying to grieve for 2 children, they forget that my latest loss was only 7 months ago (to the day as it happens) and when people forget, they wonder why youre not happy go lucky ALL the time, why some days its hard to smile and pretend its all OK, why some days my demeanour isnt as it usually is. And they have no idea why, none at all. And i just want to shake them and scream ‘ive lost 2 babies in 54 weeks, ive been through so much IVF its unbelievable, im not OK i just say i am to make it easier on YOU!’

But i dont, i dont put it on anyone, i dont let them see how hard it is.

Today, im really struggling. Everything seems too much effort and i just want to hide in a hole. I dont want to go to work this week, i want to wallow. 

Nothing has really triggered this low episode, just a number of things are going on around me. My bestie left for Australia via Singapore today. Im so so proud of her for knowing what she wants and just going for it. Ive known for months today would be the day, but i, like her family, have been in denial. I still think she will back in 2 weeks, that shes just on her holidays, but shes not. We will text and Skype a lot so ill barely notice shes on the other side of the world, until i visit in February. I will miss her though, shes been my rock. 

Her leaving and setting out on this new adventure has brought home how much i feel trapped. I cant just leave, i have responsibilities and thats fine, its the life i wanted and im very happy day to day, but part of me wants to change it up in a big way. I did have my hair done…
And i like it, but it doesnt seem crazy enough.

Another factor im finding hard, is Christmas. Its not my favourite time of year and the reason for this? I’m childless. 

Christmas IS for kids, the magic in their eyes, the twinkle of lights, the christmas songs, the excitement, meeting Santa, leaving a carrot for Rudolph, christmas movies. Its ALL for kids. Christmas as an adult is expensive, stressful, takes a mass amount of planning and is over in 24hrs. Its shit. End of.

Every year for the past 7 years, weve said, next Christmas will be different. It isnt. The difference this year is i won’t be pregnant. I can have a drink and eat all the Patè i want. Itll still be shit. My one shining beacon is M. She has invited us round on the 28th to have xmas with her, her hubby and baby O. At least ill get to spend one day seeing xmas through a babys eyes, hes already fascinated by twinkling lights and as his Mum is xmas mad, the house will be like a grotto im sure. And although this should be my worst nightmare, having a proper xmas with a child will be more tolerable than anything else ive got planned. Itll be baby O’s day and itll be how it should be. Hubby and I don’t even decorate anymore, whats the point? Ok the cats like the baubles, but they are 8 now and sleep more, they wouldnt be bothered to even pull them off! 

I know i seem a bit Scrooge McDuck about this, but its so so hard at this time of the year, especially as many of my friends will be celebrating baby’s 1st xmas this year, except me.  I have managed to book time off from work over xmas this year, for the first time in many years and right now i want to book a flight away from 29th to the 2nd. I want to run away, i dont want to face this, i dont want to be strong and smile and make sure everyone else is OK, i want to sulk and be completely inappropriate and be melancholy.

Im also struggling with the passage of time. It simultaneously seems to have ground to a halt whilst also going faster than light. The things im looking forward to, Disneyland, family party, Australia, all seem forever away, whereas IVF in Cyprus in May seems just around the corner. 

I know this tends to be the norm when you are looking forward to or dreading something, it just seems hugely heightened at the moment.

Today has been hard, harder than its been in a while. Im still in a funk now with no way out in sight, so im going to stare blankly at the tele until bed time.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

I hate my body…

After i lost Milo, i wrote a piece about how your body can be cruel and trick you into thinking you are pregnant.

Well 5/6 months after my miscarriage, its happening again.

My cycles have been getting progressively shorter, with last month only being 25 days. A very strange and light period caused me worry so on 5th Sept, i tested, BFN.

Well fast forward to today and i was due on but of course, she’s not here. So here i am worrying again

Im so sick of this, i don’t know whether im coming or going.

Im thinking of going on the pill to regulate my cycles before IVF.  I wasn’t going to act on this until January but given i DO NOT WANT a pregnancy just yet, i may start sooner.

Im wondering though, should i be investigated first? Is there something wrong?
Ive never had cycles below 28 days until now, but last month was 25 and month before 27.

I don’t really want to delve into investigations of this nature though as im not sure i could take any more fertility issues.

Arrrrgggghhhhh! Why? Why does this happen? Its so cruel and im sick of it.


Anyway, rant over.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Devil woman

Devil woman

I wanted to do a post yesterday but I’m afraid if i had i may have thrown the iPad at hubby and broken it. 😳

So yesterday was the first Proluton depot jab administered by hubby. I was terrified as he’s never injected me before, I’ve always done them myself, and relinquishing control is not my strongest attribute! This is the one with big needle that goes into my bottom.

His hands were shaking which freaked me out more, so i full on yelled at him, which of course did nothing for his nervousness. In the end he did me proud and i shouldn’t have doubted him…ill remember this on Wednesday when he does the next one!

The jab itself is painless, but the ache from ass to ankle for hours after is pretty annoying. Ive been advised by people who have been on it, to not only heat the oil before injecting (which we did) but to then rub the area loads to help it disperse.

Now the pain i can handle, all for a good cause, but i wasn’t prepared for the other side effect. Essentially it turns me evil, full on devil woman who hates her husband for no reason other than him being in the same room. 👹👹👹
It comes in waves, ill be fine one minute and the next, rage is coursing through me because the door banged shut, or hubby didn’t understand what i was saying properly or because the cat meowed twice. Seriously, it was awful. I hate being cross with hubby, we rarely fall out, and i hate having NO control over it.

He took it all in good grace, reminding me he’s a grown up and knows its not me, just the meds. He’s lucky he said this in my calmer moment as I’m sure that would have angered me otherwise, it shouldn’t, but it probably would have!

So anyway, today I’m back to my normal self, thankfully, and know that on Wednesday hubby will need to inject me just before bed so i can hopefully sleep through the rage!!!!!

I had a word with the embies yesterday, and explained that if Mummy has to go through rage, they better be good and implanted now!!

So today is 5dp5dt or 10 days post ovulation and according to my embryo timeline the embies should be fully implanted today….


This is taken from Babycentre and i find it really useful to refer back to when I’m not sure about things, and whether i should be feeling anything.

I vowed not to symptom spot this time, mainly as they could be due to meds, but of course, I’ve been compiling a list in my head anyway…here goes

Increased appetite
Intermittently sensitive boobies
Light headed/dizzy on occasion
Heart palpitations
Went off tea for 2 days
Back ache
Extreme fatigue at 5pm on the dot!
Mild cramps
Increased sense of smell
Funny taste in mouth
Slightly more emotional – getting teary at stupid things
Random stabby pains in uterus
Increased urination

Now all of the above can be attributed to the meds, ALL of them so they are no way reliable. I do have moments when I’m pretty convinced that its worked and then i have other moments where i remind myself it could all be the meds and have to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

On a side note, Umit is now following this (hello,👋) and after my last post, immediately got in touch to reassure me about the Proluton….now how is that for service?! I mean, seriously, in the UK id have to make a call and anxiously await a call back, not with Team Miracle, they are with you every step of the way….i seriously cannot rate these guys highly enough!!! We are fast becoming friends and i know the other ladies who have been feel the same way…its incredible!

Oh and if anyone is wondering, I’ve still not heard from my NHS clinic!!!

Today we have a lovely day planned to meet a couple, also currently cycling, for lunch and a mooch around the xmas markets, so off i go to get ready!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

3 days down…

3 days down…

So we are 3 days past a 5 day transfer (3dp5dt) or 8 days post ovulation in non IVF terms!

Im feeling really good, although have to admit, had a massive wobble on Wednesday night when we got home!!

We had the house decorated whilst away and i thought id come home to a lovely tidy house, perfectly decorated, which in essence it was, but the mess had me in tears, dust over everything, paint fumes so strong they gave me a headache and made me dizzy, meaning we had to sleep in the spare room (i was SO looking forward to my own bed) We had to do an emergency clean before i could inject, and i cried more than once thinking it was all over. Hubby had to repeatedly tell me to calm down and sit down, which i eventually did whilst he cleaned round me!

By next day i realised id over reacted and the team came to do finishing touches and clean up, by the time they left i was really pleased with the results.

We then went and collected the cats from my Mum’s, she’s full of an infection so i couldn’t actually go in and see her, but we talked through the window, whilst hubby chased the cats around and put them in their travelling cases.

Once we had them home, i felt much better as the family was back together, with the added bonus of the house being newly decorated!

I was so tired last night, i fell asleep before taking my aspirin, prenatal and folic acid tablets (i had them this morning), this is very unlike me, to be that tired! We woke early this morning, still on Cyprus time i think, and had some breakfast and watched TV in bed, before i promptly fell asleep again for 2 hours…very unusual….i reckon the litter are zapping me of energy, or at least thats what I’m choosing to believe!! That or the fact i was back in my own bed, finally!!

I eventually managed to get myself in the shower and dressed for the day before hubby and i went out for lunch and did a little shopping, i got a new coat….its fricking freezing!!! I also confirmed my beta Hcg appointment on 1st December with a private GP, so everything is in order now!!

I have been struggling to have a BM (sorry TMI) due to the progesterone i think, although this morning i did make some progress in that area, problem was, pessary came away almost whole, despite being administered 2 hours earlier. Decided to do another as didn’t look like id absorbed much. They are delightful! Rather that than another daily injection though, and i am so grateful for their small size compared to the UK ones!!!

Im ignoring any ‘symptoms’ im having as i think they may be related to this little lot…


I must admit though i am enjoying my new found appetite. Ive decided not to do anything special this time, like brazil nuts, pineapple core etc etc (both of which are meant to aid implantation) as i figure the drugs will take care of that! Im just eating healthily, drinking plenty (decaf tea tastes weird again, but im ignoring it and figuring its because i didnt drink any in Cyprus so ive forgotten what tea tastes like!) and keeping warm, especially my tootsies…


I feel very much at ease at the moment, blissful almost, and hoping it’ll continue, i do love my PUPO bubble. One tiny concern is the jab into my bottom tomorrow, the needle is HUGE!!!! I saw the nurse at clinic changed the needle for a smaller one, but i wasn’t given a smaller one so I’m a little apprehensive to say the least, ill keep you posted!

For now, I’m going back to my Sky planner and Jaffa cakes!

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Im officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise or PUPO!

Im officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise or PUPO!


Where to begin?! Its been such a magical day!

We arrived at clinic at 10am, were shown to our room, and given a list of do’s and don’ts to read through whilst we waited for Dr F. She was performing a c-section and it was over running but we kept busy watching the world go by and speculating about how the embies were getting on.

Umit kept popping in and apologising, bless him, but there was no need, we knew the c-section took priority!

At about 11.30 Umit came in to update on the embies, Dr F was still in surgery. He started by telling us we had 2 grade A blastocysts. In all honesty i was disappointed, i wanted at least 3, but then he smiled and told us we also had 2 early blastocysts (they were a little slow). Oh the elation, hubby and i were over the moon.

4 of the 9 fertilised had made it to day 5, we didn’t care that 2 were a little slow, we were over the moon. Umit told us they would put all 4 back, as 2 were a little behind and that we had a 25% chance of multiples. We were both OK with this, we’d like twinnies.

Another half hour passes and Umit lets us know that Dr F is now doing Egg Collection as thats time sensitive. Having been through this process twice, im well aware of the constraints after a trigger shot but i was starving so we ordered lunch.

I was also advised to do my pessary and given a suppository (which i think is meant to stop the uterine wall contracting making implantation easier) as we had been delayed and they didnt want my levels to drop. The things i do for babies, hahaha!

Straight after lunch i was taken to theatre, i was already in my oh so attractive theatre gown, and as i set off hubby had to quietly tell me that my ass was on show, oops! I took my phone as hubby isnt allowed in over here.

5 minutes later, my 4 embies were transferred…


I was then wheeled back to my room and instructed to lay flat for 2 hours! Umit came in with all the drugs, its a massive bag full, and talked us through the proluton and fraxiparine. Hubby will have to do the Proluton as it goes in my ass cheek!

He then casually mentions that as we had been waiting so long, the 2 slower embies were now full blastocysts!!!! I sat up in shock and was quickly told to lay down…never in our wildest dreams did we expect this, never. Im still in shock!

I cant thank Team Miracle enough, in 10 short days they have done more than my old clinic did in 2.5 years! I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Despite having a very full bladder, i managed to hold out for the 2 hours so i didn’t have to use the bed pan and then we came back to the hotel, with each staff member wising us luck!

Ive been exhausted ever since, perhaps the meds (fraxiparine and proluton were administered by a nurse before i left) have taken their toll or just lying down for 2 hours made me sleepy, i don’t know, it might just be because their is a ‘litter’ inside me now (our current name for the embies)!

Our official test date, is the 30th Nov. which happens to be our wedding anniversary 💑 👰 💞

Sadly no where is open to do bloods on a Sunday so ill book a private beta Hcg test for 1st Dec.

Until then I’m just going to enjoy the PUPO bubble and dream a little dream!

Love, Little Miss PMA (and litter) xxx

Egg collection day!

So after another bad night with no sleep and horrific stomach cramps, we rose early and set out to the clinic! On the way i saw a rainbow, no rain, just the sunlight refracting through the clouds, and again, i took it as a positive sign since we are trying to make our rainbow baby!

I was soooo thirsty being nil by mouth but luckily we were escorted to our private room very quickly where i undressed from the waist down and donned my fetching gown, hat and booties…

Im not sure what my arms are doing...

I had a canular expertly placed onto my already bruised arm and was asked to pee and remove my jewellery. I was then taken to theatre where i was hooked up to a BP machine, pulse monitor and my legs put in the oh so attractive, but kinda comfy, stirrups!!! (Dont judge me ;))

Dr F came in, asked if i was nervous? ‘not at all’, she laughed and then i was told we were to begin…i felt a cold sensation in my arm, said bye to Dr F and promptly fell asleep!

The 1st thing i remember was a nurse hooking me to an IV and asking if i was in pain…i was too doped to know if i was but within 10 minutes id come round and my uterus was a little sore so hubby asked for pain meds for me, que another jab in the booty!!

Hubby tells me we had a conversation before the nurse came in where i told him the sedatives were ‘some good shit’ and asked him if he knew how we had got on. I have no memory whatsoever of this.

Then my stomach spasms kicked in and they were agony!!

Umit came to tell us how we had got on…12 eggs collected! Woop! Much more sensible number than my previous 22 which led to OHSS! I have to admit im slightly worried it wont be enough but everyone here thinks ive done well so ill go with that! The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes, i was back from theatre before hubby had, ahem, you know, made his contribution!

We told Umit about my stomach cramps and explained my uterus was fine but the severe constipation was causing agonising spasms, he said he would arrange for me to have a jab and within 30mins, id be ‘cleared out’.

I was hooked up to another IV and given a menu to order from…best tomato soup ever!!! Despite the cramps!

Then comes the nurse with my injection, which is actually a gel that is inserted rectally…lovely, but it did the trick, the spasms have stopped!! Thank god, because seriously, i was in so much pain!!! Anyway, far too much info so moving quickly on!

I was given my post EC meds…antibiotics twice a day, estrogen 3 times a day and progesterone pessaries 3 times a day. Luckily the pessaries are half the size of those in the UK and no where near as messy! I have experienced a bit of spotting upon wiping but this is to be expected given whats happened today and im not worried.

We went back down to reception where i met Julie, the other patient coordinator who i dealt with whilst i was in the UK, and her and Umit’s son, Max! It was great to see her and thank her for everything. She’s ready to pop and told me Max was born in the room next to the one id just been in…how lovely!

Umit said he would be in touch tomorrow to give us a fertilisation report and would see me in 5 days for transfer. They seem hugely confident we will get to blasto so im taking my lead from them!

We returned to the hotel and spent the day relaxing as per Umit’s advice!

This evening ive managed to eat 2 courses and then hubby and i had a stroll by the harbour and sat having a (decaff) coffee by the castle


There were even blankets provided and free wifi so i Skyped Mum to update her on the progress. Hubby said its been his favourite part of the holiday so far, so,  we are going back tomorrow after going to the museum!

We both feel much more relaxed now the eggs are out as its all out of our hands now and we plan to enjoy the next few days as much as we can.

Im currently drinking alot of peppermint tea to help with the bloating  whilst watching a movie!

Today was a good day!

love, Little Miss PMA