Days 81, 82 and 83…the end of lockdown

Days 81, 82 and 83 in the 3 T house…

It was mostly a quiet weekend, the lack of money means, that despite things reopening, the 3 Ts are still confined to the house!

On Sunday, the boys went to the sea whilst Lady T blitzed the house, it’s so much easier when they are out!

Monday signalled the end of lockdown with the last curfew being lifted.

Lady T cleaned the paddling pool, Master T now expects her to remove the ‘bits’ on the daily using his toys as scoops. It is arduous work given the paddling pool lives outside!

The birds of prey are most definitely fake. The weird thing is, their heads move when you get up close, Lady T finds it fairly creepy. The birds seem to have figured out they are fake too. They don’t land on the house but the fly by is getting closer for sure.

Master T will be going back to school from tomorrow. He is beyond bored and needs more structure, although things at school will be a bit different, this may be the new normal so he may as well get used to it. The school are taking all the precautions, and with 45+ days without positive cases, it’s as safe as it going to get! We were going to wait a week but it seems pointless and Master T is ready!

Lord and Lady T will no doubt miss him dreadfully and be bored themselves.


Days 78, 79 and 80 of lockdown

Days 78, 79 and 80…

After the excitement of the harbour on Tuesday, the 3 Ts went back on Wednesday as Lord T was on a half day.

They stopped for lunch at Master Ts favourite place, after which Lord and Master T went to the play ground, whilst Lady T drank wine in the sun. A street cat joined her, and whilst she was having a chat with the cat, the owner asked if she was OK, it looked to him like she was talking to herself!!!

Thursday was more subdued, Lady T had to rest her poor useless body. There were lots of bubbles blown, alphabet songs sung and lego castles built!

Friday saw Lady T out and about again, to the printing shop and then to Turkish class, in the flesh!

Everyone was so excited to be back together, there was much gossiping, quickly quelled by the teacher though. ‘We have much to learn’ she commanded! It was great to be back!

After class the majority stuck around for drinks! Lady T talked too much, she really has missed grown up conversation! She apologised profusely! 4 large glasses of wine later, she went home and promptly went to bed!

Day 75 of Lockdown

Day 75 in the 3 T house…

Lady T was wiped after the excitement of ‘outside’ on day 74. She only rallied at about 6pm!

Lady Ts favourite household task in the summer months, is making the bed. It’s just so easy as there is no wrestling the duvet into its cover!

The high winds meant chasing various bits of garden furniture around the garden and pool. One chair actually took a dip in the paddling pool, much to Master Ts amusement!

The UK cats hunkered down inside but Harley cat, being Cypriot, was brave and went outside in the howling wind which consequently sent her a little crazy when she came inside!

Lady T is in desperate need of topping up her tan, her chest is virtually white again, this will not do. The weather is meant to be warmer, less windy and bearable this week so she will spend as much time as Master T allows, outside!

All in all, it was a quiet day. Lord and Lady T sure do miss funday Sunday at a hotel eating and drinking without lifting a finger!


Days 72, 73 and 74 of lockdown

Days 72, 73 and 74 in the 3 T house…The heatwave broke giving way to strong winds and now Lady T is cold and is regretting moaning.However it has been nice to fall asleep before 5am.A crisis occured – the pool draining, of it’s own accord, which in fairness was dealt with superbly by the pool cleaning company. First world problems eh?Day 74 saw something happen that has not happened in 10.5 weeks. All 3 Ts got in the car and went out. It was hair cut day for all. It may have taken 6 hours over 2 different days, but Lady T now looks like she did pre lockdown, Lord T has ears again and Master T has a proper hair cut once more!Lady Ts Turkish class will meet in the flesh next week, rather than on Skype which hadn’t occured to Lady T at all and came as a surprise!!Lady T had forgotten how much she lip reads when people talk and the mask issue has rendered her almost unable to communicate with anyone. They all sound muffled. It will be nice when masks are no longer mandatory, whenever that will be!Lord T bought Lady T flowers, for no reason, Lady T suspects something….this is most unusual behaviour!Master T went to a play park, the pure joy on his face was delightful. Lord T also took him to the harbour, Master T thought all his Christmases had come at once.Life is slowly returning to normal – bad parking is happening regularly!Lady T is desperately missing her job though, and until the borders open, she will continue to miss it.Happy Eid to everyone!

Day 71 of Lockdown

Day 71 in the 3 T house…

Master T was all about the green fruits and building towers. The green fruit is apparently a plum, according to Lord T.

Master T spent the day chucking them round the house, much to the cats amusement, and then demanding Lady T collect them. They are hard fruits when they accidentally hit you and can roll for days. They also attract a load of ants, which is always fun!

Lady T spent most of the day armed with ant spray, wipes and hoovered about 8 times. Therefore spending the day at ‘sweating your t*ts off’ level on the sweat scale.

He also wanted to build many towers, which Lord and Lady T painstakingly did, ensuring they were well supported as not to lean, only for Toddler Kong to knock them over and then make them do it all over again. Lord and Lady T eventually ended up competing to see who could make the highest tower before Toddler Kong destroyed it!

Master T also spent a lot of the day eating Smarties or in his words ‘colours’, and round his mouth was blue for a large portion of the day!

Whilst quizzing, Lady T was confronted with the biggest spider she has ever seen. It was the size of her fist, and quite clearly a descendant of Aragog, which was ironic as she was doing a Harry Potter quiz!

Perhaps most importantly of all, something wonderful happened! Lady T had her nails done. Oh the joy of feeling complete once more. Of looking down and seeing beautiful, colourful and long nails. The happiness Lady T feels is genuinely indescribable!!! Hair appointment on Saturday too, hallelujah!!!


Day 70 of Lockdown

Day 70 in the 3 T house…

10 weeks people!!!
Lady T has 2 weeks of shielding left!

The heat was much easier to deal with when Lady T was not hungover! Still very hot for the time of year. It is meant to break at the weekend, Sunday will only be 24°C, a drop of 14°C, Lady T thinks she will need to pick from the medium portion of her wardrobe again and possibly wear a scarf!!!

Lady T completed her homework in good time and didn’t do too badly. It took longer than it should have because Lady T fell about laughing when she saw the sentence “is your neighbour’s cat pregnant?”. The sentences the teacher comes up with are hilarious!
Lady T had to also make up her own sentences and was at a loss so wrote what she saw…

“Is your husband’s hair big?”
“Are your mother’s clothes in Cyprus?”

The answer to both is YES!!!

A new paddling pool was obtained and the veranda is no longer ‘super slippy’ in Master Ts words.

The heat led to an early night for all, meaning Lady T missed her favourite quiz of the week as well as talking to one of her favourite people. Unfortunately Lord and Lady T both woke up around 2am covered in sweat and couldn’t get back to sleep! There was A LOT of tossing and turning, then Master T woke up so Lord T went to settle him whilst Lady T watched Friends and tried imagine a cool breeze!!

Master T now lives in PJs, he is not a fan of proper shorts and Tshirt yet, but Lord and Lady T are taking the win!


Days 67, 68 and 69 of Lockdown

Days 67, 68, and 69 in the 3 T house …Nearly 10 weeks!Lady T was late to Turkish Class (due to Lord T being on a work call). The teacher didn’t notice her for 15mins after she joined which meant she was able to figure out what was going on. She had to stay behind too to find out when to actually use the rule they were being taught. Lady Ts teacher is a good egg.The country is gripped in a heat wave. It’s soooo hot and there was no time to get used to it, so now making a cuppa has reached boob sweat level in the sweat scale. Its a good time.Master T has relented re clothing. He will now wear shorts and T shirt, or even just a nappy. He also lives laid on the floor. He is basically another cat now! The poor kid is in desperate need of a hair cut, not quite Lord T level but it’s long and it’s curling when he sweats, which is a lot.Duvets have been removed and bagged up until winter, the top bedroom is basically a sauna. All night long.Lady T made the grave mistake of drinking far too much wine on Sunday and woke up (in the wrong bed) with a raging hangover. Hangovers in 38° heat are beyond awful. She wanted to sleep it off but it was impossible due to the heat.
Lady T will be avoiding wine, and probably beer, for a while.Part of Master Ts birthday present was a paddling pool, which promptly ripped whilst being moved, full of water, at his request. The veranda has resembled a lake ever since despite Lady T making patch repairs. A new one is being purchased and will remain stationary. Master T will not use the full size pool, yet, and has grown out of all his UV swimsuits anyway.Lady T could have sworn he was the same size as last year. Apparently not. So that’s more shopping to be done. She didn’t see any last time she was shopping though?!Lady T actually got in the pool on Sunday, before being sozzled with wine. It was a good time, she never imagined getting in it before June!!The bird of prey is now at a jaunty angle on top of the roof. He looks like he had Lady Ts wine!#keepwearingthosemasks

Days 64, 65 and 66 of Lockdown…

Days 64, 65 and 66 in the 3 T house….It’s now suddenly quite hot in the 3 T house after being freezing all winter. Especially the top floor where Lord and Lady T sleep. Lady T is thinking of taking the duvet off on the next wash day and putting it away for the summer.There are various street cats passed out at various spots round the house. Master T, still fully clothed, has now taken to lying on the cool tiled floor.There was a lot of Turkish homework to get done, think, claw hand amounts again. Lady T decided to invent a new plural ‘luru’. She knew it didn’t look right but blindly followed whst she thought was the rule… she did realise her mistake and thought she had corrected it all, until the corrections came back with a lot of ‘check the harmony on…’. Lady T had left the U on the end. Doh!Due to the quick jump in temperature, Lady T has now started measuring household chores in terms of how much she will sweat…Make a cuppa – sheen on top lip (lowest level)
Vacuum – sweat your t*ts off (highest level)So before each task, she does a sweat risk assessment and then takes appropriate measures, be it less clothes, all windows and doors open, leaving it til dark, or getting Lord T to do it. The last option is used infrequently as he often ‘forgets’!Master T celebrated his 3rd Birthday. Lord and Lady T got him a trike. Which he promptly informed them, upon laying eyes on it, ‘I love it’. Master T has never said he loves Lord or Lady T and honestly they didn’t know he knew the word. Turns out he just chooses not to tell them.Anyway…upon sitting on the trike, it became apparent there were multiple issues. Nuts and bolts missing everywhere. Lady T didn’t do a quality check when purchasing it. Stupid. Lord and Lady T explained it had to go to bike hospital, which Master T took better than expected, although he did press his nose to the window every 20 minutes or so asking ‘bike back yet?’ Lady T felt terrible. But once Lord T returned with the healed bike and chocolate cake, all was well in Master Ts world again.And now they have gone from ‘terrible twos’ to ‘threenager’#stayathome I know it’s nearly 10 weeks but unless you actually enjoy sweating behind a face mask, it’s not that fun ‘outside’

Days 61, 62 and 63 of Lockdown…

Days 61, 62 and 63 in the 3 T house…

None of the three Ts have killed each other, result!

The new normal of not going out except to the supermarket is going ok. Although we can do more now, the 3 Ts aren’t really.

Master T will not be going back to school this academic year. So that will be 6 months of being at home with Lord and Lady T.

Master T has inherited Lady Ts personality, she was so hoping he would be like his Dad, calm and collected, but no, he is hot headed, stubborn, and very very independent. Not bad qualities at all, until you ask him to do something he doesn’t want to, then all hell breaks loose. Lady T has screamed into a pillow more than once this weekend. It’s hard to stay mad at the little fella though because he knows exactly when to be super cute and make you forget your head is about to explode.

Lady T has been outside twice more, a quick trip to work on Saturday and then again yesterday to start birthday shopping and to get some clothes for the boys.

Shopping at the moment is…interesting. Before you enter a shop, you must antibac your hands, put on gloves, have your temperature taken and write down your name and phone number. All whilst wearing a mask of course!!!

Going to the bank is similar, but Lady T waited an hour to get in yesterday. She figures people must have a lot more money than her as they were in there for a good 20 minutes a piece, whereas she was in and out in 7 minutes after completing 2 transactions!

The government revised the rules about beauty salons. No nail services and only hair cuts not colours, plus opening dates pushed back. Lady T is gutted as she was so looking forward to being preened top to toe, but it is what it is.

Lord T needs to get booked in at the barber ASAP as his hair is now inexplicable. Lady T has never seen him with this much hair, she has no idea how he makes it stand up on end without it collapsing under its own weight and for the life her can’t remember what shape his head is or what he looks like with short hair. She also didn’t realise just how much grey is in his hair.

Lady Ts hair is basically all colours of the rainbow. People like it so not having it dyed won’t be too bad but the problem with a pixie cut is, when it grows out it’s all tufty and sticks out at odd angles. It is too short to straighten though so Lady T resembles a ducks bottom most days.


Days 59 and 60 if Lockdown

Days 59 and 60 in the 3 T house…

Day 59 was pretty standard, but there was Turkish class! It made sense to Lady T, she thinks, the homework will reveal the truth. Lady T then quizzed into the early hours.

Day 60 saw Lady T go ‘outside’ again. It’s actually becoming a bit of a drag to get dressed and do her make up. Lady T thinks she has been conditioned into staying inside. Lady T will enjoy ‘outside’ more when she can actually do something like, have a coffee, or go to Lord’s Palace again. At the moment it’s just going out to do chores. Plus the weather is great now and wearing a mask is uncomfortable.

Lady T prefers lounging around outside and working on her tan.

The amount of traffic on the roads was actually insane. Lady T assumes people were prepping for Mothers Day and getting stuff ready for partial curfew on Sunday. Lady T wonders where these people are finding the money to spend!

As part of her Mother’s Day present, Master T bought her two new hanging baskets. There are now red, yellow, pink and purple baskets hanging off the veranda fence. It’s very pretty and Lady T spends a good portion of the day admiring them.

Master T is still refusing to wear shorts or a T Shirt. The weather is hitting 30°C+ this week. Lord and Lady T worry, but acknowledge that at least his young skin is protected from the sun. They need to go out and get him more chino type trousers and thin long sleeve tops. Where does one go to purchase kids clothes in North Cyprus? Answers on a postcard please!

Next week Lady T must start preparing for Master T’s 3rd Birthday. Lord and Lady T had envisaged a little party with his school friends, but of course it will be a small family affair instead with video calls to the grandparents of course!

#stayathome it’s curfew Sunday