3 T house update…

3 T House Update… When last we left them, the 3 Ts were bobbing along quite nicely. Since then, Lord T has written off a car, costing the same amount as Master Ts schooling for next year. All of which Lady T paid in one day! It was painful. Very very painful. But, it’s all sorted, no one was hurt, and one day never they will make that money back. The borders reopened and Lady T is now able to work again, of a fashion. Oh the joy she feels, to truly love your job is such a great pleasure in life, and Lady T adores her job! Lord T had a severe haircut but thank god because it was getting unruly again. Master T had to be physically restrained for his hair cut which was honestly horrific. He looks better for it and within minutes (and a cake), was fine. Lord and Lady T took much longer to recover though!!! Summer has truly arrived, there are weather warnings everyday now, and when there is the slightest breeze, everyone just stops and goes ‘ahhhh’, well everyone in Lady Ts Turkish class anyway. The Turkish class socialising is still going strong, they are a great bunch who laugh a lot, drink a bit (often), but without a doubt would do anything for each other. They have become a little family, and the Ts are grateful for them. Speaking of Turkish class. Lady T was asked to say a sentence out loud. She tried 1 word 17 times, got to the end, looked up and the teacher was crying with laughter. Literally had tears down her face. The 17 time attempted word could not have been more wrong but the teacher enjoyed it so much she didn’t stop Lady T. Hysterics ensued from Lady T and the rest of the class. Learning really can be fun when you’ve got a nitwit like Lady T around!!! Lady Ts obsessive cleaning has slowed somewhat, owing to the fact she has more to do now. This has culminated in today being big clean day. Lord T will take Master T away so she can get on with it, floors, bathrooms and surfaces all need a massive going over. Lady T will be a hot sweaty mess within minutes so is rewarding herself with Sunday Lunch out later on. Master T is on half days at school, which he loves, but those 3.5hours fly by and Lady T really doesn’t get as much done as she would like, probably because she sits drinking coffee for a large portion of the morning, admiring the view and catching up on the latest entry and exit requirements for getting here!Everywhere you look in the 3 T house, there is a cat sprawled out, trying to manage the heat. Lady T particularly enjoys looking at Harley cat, who always has her tongue out!
It’s so hot all the water in the paddling pool has evaporated, try explaining that to a 3 year old. Luckily he seems to have lost interest in it anyway.Lady T is struggling to keep her hanging baskets alive (thank god keeping a human alive is easier) so she bought some cacti figuring she can’t go wrong with them. They are the outdoor table centre piece and really do make a difference. Over the summer break Master T must be potty trained, he is not keen, but Lady T got some stickers for a reward chart which he does seem keen on, so fingers crosses bribery will work!!! The driveway has become a jungle. Weedkiller is required but the Ts are having trouble sourcing it, so Lord T decided to prune it, with kitchen scissors, he’s a cad!

3 T house update

3 T house update…There were no drinks after Turkish class this week as most of us were still recovering from Wednesday night’s shenanigans.
Wednesday was a good night, Lady T danced with an old guy, had a chat with various friendly faces and also lost her £200 ray bans!!!!
When Lady T arrived on Friday for class, many people said Hi to her, she does not remember thiernames but does recognise the faces.On Saturday the 3 Ts went to the harbour, had lunch as usual, had a good walk and Lady T bought new ‘Christian Dior’ sunglasses. Master T got bored of walking after the sunglasses shop and had to be carried to the car. He is heavy. On a positive note, the lady in the sunglasses shop remarked on how good Master Ts speech is. #parentingwinSunday was Father’s Day. Lady T forgot until Master T brought home a handmade card on Friday from School. Oopsie! So, no gift for Daddy, but the Ts went out for lunch at Wild Duck Cafe.
Master T was enthralled by the ships wheel they have there and quickly ensured the other kids knew he was Captain and they were the mateys. He was absolutely content until it was time to share. Meltdown ensued. A good 20 minute snotty crying meltdown, as Lord and Lady T tried to explain it wasn’t actually HIS ship!
Eventually Lady T just sipped her wine and ignored the daggers from the other people, until Master T calmed down and ate something.1.5hrs after being served food, the plates were cleared, within 30 seconds Master T was heartbroken that his ‘din dins’ was gone (which he had all but ignored), stomped into the bar and screamed ‘my din dins’ at anyone who would listen. Lord and Lady T promptly paid and escorted him off the premises #parentingfailMaster T keeps asking to go back to HIS park where the pirate ship is. Lady T feels this could be disastrous!Monday was cleaning day, Tuesday Lady T was back at the salon for hair and nails! After another bad night, Lady T napped before her favourite quiz of the week.
Unfortunately her mobile data ran out so she couldn’t revise the Friends episodes, she still came 2nd though, and sorted her phone plan out so she is never without data again!!!!

3 T house update…

The 3 T house update…

Friday was the weekly Turkish class followed by drinks. Lady T a few others started early by having lunch before class, and 2 beers.
By 4.35pm there were shots on the table, again, bought by the designated driver. Lady T suspects he likes watching everyone else get a bit messy! Many pictures surfaced, some great, some with Lady T looking a bit worse for wear!
Lord and Master T joined the group later on, Master T stole the show with his dancing and insisting he was dragged round the dance floor by his ankles, in a white T shirt no less.

When Lady T got home she jumped on a quiz ran by her favourite host. Despite being somewhat squiffy, she came 10th!

Saturday meant lunch out, followed by a lazy afternoon playing with Master T.

Sunday was a lazy day for all 3 Ts who were exhausted from the week before! Lady T took part in a friends quiz, came 2nd and split the winnings with her quiz mate!

On Monday, Lady T cleaned the house, even treating herself to some proper dusters! She also did the rounds in town, paying all her bills, bye bye quiz winnings!!!

Tuesday was Turkish homework day! Lady T surprised herself, and probably her Turkish teacher, by getting 3 words in 39 sentences wrong! It seems how much/how many pretty much makes sense to her!
The rest of the day was Friends quiz prep, which really involves a lot of looking a flight and boarding gate numbers!!! The introduction of the lightning round is playing to Lady Ts strength, she went from 4th to 2nd and stayed there!

No bronze medals this week, so far….

Lady T then didn’t sleep until well past the morning call to prayer, this is becoming more common. Luckily she does well on little sleep despite the dark circles under her eyes!

Update from the 3 T house

The new normal in the 3 T house…Lady T is forgoing what day it is as she’s getting confused.On Monday, the washing machine engineers came. The washing machine kept stopping mid cycle as it couldn’t get enough water in it. This was highly annoying as the 30min cycle was taking about a year to complete. Turns out the filters were full of gunk due to a dirty water tank. 100tl blown. Good times.Tuesday is now Friends days for Lady T. As Master T is back at school, Lady T watches the episodes relevant for the quiz that night. Sadly Friends is not on Turkish Netflix so she has to watch via her phone which makes checking the background a bit harder (the quiz master loves his observation questions). Her quiz mate could not attend this weeks quiz so she had no help, that been said, she was in 1st place for approximately 35 seconds. She finished 3rd, as is her custom.On Wednesday, Lady T was back at the hairdresser, the purple hair, though it looks awesome is very hard to maintain in Cyprus weather. She really ought to wear a hat permanently, but then no one would see. She decided to have a pedicure too. The salon is now her second home. Luckily the staff like her!
Lord T took the afternoon off, he’s having a hard time working full weeks (only because the weather is so nice and he wasn’t here last summer)! They took advantage of this by going out for lunch before collecting Master T from school.On the subject of Lord T, he has decided dishwasher tablets are too costly, and promised to wash up in a timely manner instead. Lord T is a liar. Lady T made sure he purchased the tablets on Thursday!On Thursday, Lady T innocently asked after the Turkish teachers daughter, who is in quarantine, she also asked after the kitchen utensil that must not be named. The Turkish teacher decided Lady T was in for more homework this week! Lady T pointed out it was not her that jumped for joy about the kitchen utensil that must not be named. The Turkish teacher told Lady T she was going to be hugged in class. Lady T isn’t sure what is worse, more homework or a hug (Lady T does not like to be touched, however as it is the custom to kiss/hug everyone you meet in Cyprus, she is getting better about it!)Thursday was also a very lazy day for Lady T, she could not get motivated, so after 3 cups of coffee, she went back to bed and watched movies. She dressed at 3pm and that’s only because she had to collect Master T from school and figured turning up in her PJs (short shorts and a too large vest top) would be frowned upon!Lady T really needs to get back to work!

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the new normal in the 3 T house…Master T took to school like a duck to water! Even having his temp taken and his hands antibacted hasn’t phased him, though it would at home!He apparently has been using a microphone to sing a lot at school, or so he tells us! He does enjoy a good sing song so this may well be true.Friday is Turkish class day, which means a lot of laughs! Lady T did her homework in the morning, and didn’t get too many wrong, she knew it was too easy though so when she missed words or got sentence structure wrong she wasn’t surprised!The Turkish teacher was disgruntled upon arrival, her daughter binned a blender to get on a repatriation flight. There was much discussion about it during class. After class there were drinks, the Turkish teacher at one point screamed with joy after getting a message, Lady T assumed her daughter was home, nope, it was because the blender made it after all!!!The drinks continued long into the night, shots were consumed, hands free shots at that. The last hour is somewhat of a blur to Lady T. She doesn’t remember getting home, getting her PJs on or going to bed! At 6am she awoke fully made up and with her contact lenses still in. Whoops. Good night though, but Lady T must remember to eat before class from now on!Saturday was new nails day. Lady T was mildly hungover, so after nails she met up with Lord and Master T for a full English and hair of the dog! Lady T only felt mildly better!Lord and Master T went to the harbour, Master T insisted they stop for chips, as per, but at a different restaurant to normal, weird.Sunday was a bikini day, Lady T doesn’t get in a bikini until it’s 30°C+. The shorts line and tummy did not tan as well as she hoped though so she is still a variety of colours!

Days 1, 2 and 3 of the new normal…

Days 1, 2 and 3 of the new normal in the 3 T house!

Lady and Master T played all day Tuesday as it was his last day at home! They blew bubbles, played ghost, and hide and seek. Master T doesn’t yet get hide and seek, he hides under a duvet cover, well his head does, and he giggles. He is very easy to seek.

On Wednesday he went back to school. After initially saying he didn’t want to go as he was watching Paw Patrol, he had a most excellent day.

Lord and Lady T were at a loss without him. So they had a quick lunch out. Lady T took Master T for a muffin after his first day at school. He was in high spirits and managed to con the owner out of free sweets and biscuits! After a massive sugar rush he crashed in the car on the way home!

Lady T did not let him sleep, but woke him up when they got home. Lord and Lady T had chinese and watched a film.

Lady T went out for lunch again on Thursday. Self shielding has taken it’s toll on her and she just loves to be out now!!!!

Poor Lord T was stuck at work all day, but he did get to go out more during lockdown so Lady T doesn’t feel too bad about leaving him!!!

Days 81, 82 and 83…the end of lockdown

Days 81, 82 and 83 in the 3 T house…

It was mostly a quiet weekend, the lack of money means, that despite things reopening, the 3 Ts are still confined to the house!

On Sunday, the boys went to the sea whilst Lady T blitzed the house, it’s so much easier when they are out!

Monday signalled the end of lockdown with the last curfew being lifted.

Lady T cleaned the paddling pool, Master T now expects her to remove the ‘bits’ on the daily using his toys as scoops. It is arduous work given the paddling pool lives outside!

The birds of prey are most definitely fake. The weird thing is, their heads move when you get up close, Lady T finds it fairly creepy. The birds seem to have figured out they are fake too. They don’t land on the house but the fly by is getting closer for sure.

Master T will be going back to school from tomorrow. He is beyond bored and needs more structure, although things at school will be a bit different, this may be the new normal so he may as well get used to it. The school are taking all the precautions, and with 45+ days without positive cases, it’s as safe as it going to get! We were going to wait a week but it seems pointless and Master T is ready!

Lord and Lady T will no doubt miss him dreadfully and be bored themselves.


Days 78, 79 and 80 of lockdown

Days 78, 79 and 80…

After the excitement of the harbour on Tuesday, the 3 Ts went back on Wednesday as Lord T was on a half day.

They stopped for lunch at Master Ts favourite place, after which Lord and Master T went to the play ground, whilst Lady T drank wine in the sun. A street cat joined her, and whilst she was having a chat with the cat, the owner asked if she was OK, it looked to him like she was talking to herself!!!

Thursday was more subdued, Lady T had to rest her poor useless body. There were lots of bubbles blown, alphabet songs sung and lego castles built!

Friday saw Lady T out and about again, to the printing shop and then to Turkish class, in the flesh!

Everyone was so excited to be back together, there was much gossiping, quickly quelled by the teacher though. ‘We have much to learn’ she commanded! It was great to be back!

After class the majority stuck around for drinks! Lady T talked too much, she really has missed grown up conversation! She apologised profusely! 4 large glasses of wine later, she went home and promptly went to bed!

Day 75 of Lockdown

Day 75 in the 3 T house…

Lady T was wiped after the excitement of ‘outside’ on day 74. She only rallied at about 6pm!

Lady Ts favourite household task in the summer months, is making the bed. It’s just so easy as there is no wrestling the duvet into its cover!

The high winds meant chasing various bits of garden furniture around the garden and pool. One chair actually took a dip in the paddling pool, much to Master Ts amusement!

The UK cats hunkered down inside but Harley cat, being Cypriot, was brave and went outside in the howling wind which consequently sent her a little crazy when she came inside!

Lady T is in desperate need of topping up her tan, her chest is virtually white again, this will not do. The weather is meant to be warmer, less windy and bearable this week so she will spend as much time as Master T allows, outside!

All in all, it was a quiet day. Lord and Lady T sure do miss funday Sunday at a hotel eating and drinking without lifting a finger!


Days 72, 73 and 74 of lockdown

Days 72, 73 and 74 in the 3 T house…The heatwave broke giving way to strong winds and now Lady T is cold and is regretting moaning.However it has been nice to fall asleep before 5am.A crisis occured – the pool draining, of it’s own accord, which in fairness was dealt with superbly by the pool cleaning company. First world problems eh?Day 74 saw something happen that has not happened in 10.5 weeks. All 3 Ts got in the car and went out. It was hair cut day for all. It may have taken 6 hours over 2 different days, but Lady T now looks like she did pre lockdown, Lord T has ears again and Master T has a proper hair cut once more!Lady Ts Turkish class will meet in the flesh next week, rather than on Skype which hadn’t occured to Lady T at all and came as a surprise!!Lady T had forgotten how much she lip reads when people talk and the mask issue has rendered her almost unable to communicate with anyone. They all sound muffled. It will be nice when masks are no longer mandatory, whenever that will be!Lord T bought Lady T flowers, for no reason, Lady T suspects something….this is most unusual behaviour!Master T went to a play park, the pure joy on his face was delightful. Lord T also took him to the harbour, Master T thought all his Christmases had come at once.Life is slowly returning to normal – bad parking is happening regularly!Lady T is desperately missing her job though, and until the borders open, she will continue to miss it.Happy Eid to everyone!