Chick chick chick Chicken!!!!

Chick chick chick Chicken!!!!

So we had our 1st visit to clinic today. Met up with 3 ladies from babycentre whilst there which was awesome. 3 of us had scans today but only 2 of us a progressing to transfer.

Who isnt? Me! As suspected as soon as i saw the dose, im overstimmed and estrogen levels are too high to do a transfer. What will happen instead is that my eggs (20+ follicles on each ovary) will be collected, fertilised and frozen on day 3 and ill come back at a later date for transfer.

I was truly expecting this so im not sad, although i do worry im going to struggle to get back into the right head space, but anything is better than OHSS and being poorly.

Ill either come back on my own for a night, or bring my Mum for a week, ill have to see how quickly i feel i want to do it i guess.

So ive just taken my last stimulation dose and will be doing the trigger tonight at 11.45pm. Next trip to clinic is wednesday morning for egg collection and then im done! A whole week of just holiday, no more meds, can have a drink and really enjoy ourselves.

It is disappointing, but also the right thing to do. I just need to stay in the mindset….but im fighting it all the time.

It was truly wonderful to see Umit and Dr F again and im sure i regonised the nurse too but dont know her name! 

So drug free from tomorrow really, eggs out wednesday, home the following tuesday and jobs a good one.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


9 thoughts on “Chick chick chick Chicken!!!!

  1. There seems to be more and more literature suggesting a frozen transfer yeilds better results so maybe it is all for the best. Good luck Wednesday!

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  2. Im sorry today didnt go as you hoped but keep positive and while i dont know anything about frozen eggs or what they’re doing im sure it’ll all still work perfectly and you will get what you both want and deserve. Xxx

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