At this gestation in my 1st pregnancy, we said goodbye to Milo after a long labour.

Today was the last milestone before 24 weeks and as of this moment, im still pregnant!! 

Had a lovely visit from M and her little boy, she brought biscuits, i love her.  It was nice to have a quieter day as my hip is giving me jip again today.

The Little Dude has been very active today, i can even feel his kicks when im stood up now 😍😍 never had that before. 

Ive even got out my baby notepad today to see what we have already accumulated over the last 2 pregnancies. Its more than i remembered. I went ‘vest’ mad it appears too! Made me anxious to look at but not too much. #brave #amitoococky?

Tomorrow i have my whooping cough vaccination and a some other bits planned for THE MOST PREGNANT IVE EVER BEEN. 

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx


8 thoughts on “21+4 

  1. I’m so very, very happy for you and Mr me because you so very much deserve this take home little man and… You will take him home, you will. I’ve been following your story and I have been truly hoping you get good news on every milestone you have concurred. You are amazing, you will get your little family. PMA all the way x Much love

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  2. Hey Toni,

    I have followed your blog since the start after reseraching Cyprus clinics for my sister and coming accross you on the cyprus babies forum. You are a truly inspirational, strong and determined lady who along with Mr me deserves this happiness and happy ending so so much. I have every faith and belief that this will be your take home baby and I am so thrilled for you both. Happy days. Lots of love xx

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    1. Thank you lovely!! I cant believe we made it to today! Its a dream come true just to get this far and hopefully now we will make it to term!!
      Thanks so much for following, it means the world to have so much support!! Xx


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